Can’t beat it? Try to Trick It!


When I was going through radiation, I wanted to explore Reiki.  I believe in Reiki and felt the technique could help with the pain.  In church, I asked several people if they knew of anyone or a nutritionist that could advise me about food and natural supplements.

Several weeks went by and one Saturday I was at a church luncheon and my friend Shannon H. gave me a “Wondrous Roots” business card  that someone in church gave her for me.  I was so excited and”thankful that God answered my prayers.

Then the unexpected happened, my friend Donna and I were heading to Keene for lunch and shopping, I told her about the business card I got.  She was so excited and had me call on our way to Keene.  I was thinking to myself, there is no way she would  have time to see us.  While we were having lunch, someone from Wondrous Roots called back and said come over.  We made our way to her office, introduced ourselves to Rebecca  Montrone,  a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in nutrition, herbs and therapies.  I instantly liked her.  As I gave her a brief description of my diagnosis, she explained about some supplements she wanted me to start immediately.

A Comprehensive Nutritional Consultation was scheduled for the following week.  I enjoyed my visit with Rebecca, she is such a positive, healthy, styling woman!  So knowledgeable.  I felt confident that she could help me fight this poison growing inside of me.  We went over my medical history and my eating habits.  She also explained the different supplements she would like me to take.

After my consultation Rebecca sent extensive emails which I read over and over (I was never good in Science!)  My program will compliment and make more effective the conventional treatments I am using, while at the same time, the supplements would be fighting the cancer on their own.  I was relieved that there was no discussion to end my treatments with my oncologist.  With Rebecca, it is to join the battle and fight!

Even though I thought I was eating healthy,  I was surprised how much sugar was in my diet!  Sugar is not good for me.  There is too much sugar in our food!   Rebecca explained to me the effects of sugar,  carbohydrates, and soy.  She also sent extensive information on packing a lunch and more nutritional information.  One of her sayings I love is;

“if God didn’t make it, don’t eat it!”

I try to eat organic.  There are times that it’s impossible to do this but, I’m good most of the time.  I  eat only organic meat.

Due to the public demand for organic foods, it is easier to shop at the local grocery stores. One of my favorite places to shop is the Keene Co-op, they have great fresh food.

Ohhhhh  and alcohol, I miss you so!  I may have one or two drinks on the weekend.

I have cancer inside me already  and some have questioned  “how is eating organic going to help you?”  Again, I am trying to s l o w the poison from spreading.

I have read books that claim you can cure your cancer naturally by meditating, clean eating, faith and healers in other countries.  I believe this can happen and it fascinates me, but it also can bring false hope to some who think it can cure their cancer. My opinion is to research, read articles and just go outside the box of the conventional way of fighting cancer.  It might not be your thing but at least educate yourself.

I started Ibrance /Xgeva/Letrazole in January 2016.  In April, 2016 I started my supplements from Wondrous Roots.  My Markers or counts (blood tests on the activity of my cancer) has lowered in June.   I was told I can start going to Oncology every TWO months instead of every month!  Praise God, I just wanted to climb a mountain and sing!  I will still go every month for blood tests and a Xgeva shot.

So bring on the skeptics, ha ha!   I know you are out there.  Let me just say this, I am NOT looking for a cure.  Trick it and slow the poison from spreading inside of me is what I am trying to do.

I pray and ask God what’s next? He guides me.

Oh by the way, I still have not found my Reiki person.

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