Bouncy Houses & Treatments

I have always been active, worked out 5 days a week, hiked, biked, kayaked. Exercise was my meditation, plus I felt healthy and strong.

I honestly cannot tell you how many times my hip hurt, knee ached.  I even had x-rays done on my knee.  I just wrote it off as age and side effects from chemo. I would take a few days off from working out, pop a few Advil then back to the gym!  I loved my 6 a.m. class, Tamara our instructor kicked our ass and I made great friends.

Then I got injured, thought it was my knee, x-rays again nothing.  I didn’t rest my injury.  My grandson Michael had a birthday party at a bouncy house facility, so much fun! And of course I had to try most of them and run around.  Then a week later I went to Stowe VT with My son Tony and Morgan with the grandkids and what was there?  Yup you guessed it more bouncy houses! They had one set up as a relay race and of course I had to race my granddaughter Bella!  There also was a fun water slide with A LOT of stairs.

My injury was now painful. I went to see an orthopedic doctor and he determined it wasn’t my knee but my hip area. Low and behold there is “something” there.  We need more tests and your oncologist’s name.  Thankfully they work in the same building and my tests were done quickly.

I am thankful for the compassion and concern my Orthopedic Doctor gave me.

Now on to Oncology:

In January 2016, my husband and I went to Oncology to what the hell are we going to do consultation. I just wanted to hug Dr. D!  She looked sad and baffled by my diagnosis. I’m sure she was hoping I would be the two percent who are cured!  She has been my doctor since 2010.   Usually my check ups in Oncology  with Dr. D. ended “looking good see you in six months!”

Dr. D. explained to us the cancer, where it has spread, options we have. It is not curable, but treatable. She is optimistic and upbeat with plans.

Treatment is a marathon not a sprint.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Since I am hormone-receptor-positive, I will be taking orally each day Letrezole an aromatase inhibitor to cut back or stop the bad enzyme.

Estrogen is not my friend.

I am also Her2positive (yes I am fighting two battles) I will be taking IBRANCE. This is oral chemotherapy that I take for 21 days and off for 7.  IBRANCE may lower my white blood cells.  During my seven day break, I have blood work done to check this.  If my white count is low, I am vulnerable to infections and could get very ill.

Thankfully IBRANCE was approved in 2014 it has been proven to extend my life.

Lastly, once a month I will have a shot of Xgeva. Xgeva is used to reduce bone complications and bone pain caused by advanced-stage breast cancer that has spread to the bone.

Of course there are side effects, too long of a list.

I will see my doctor monthly and pray my medicine will trick my cancer and slow it down.

I know there is more I can do to fight this, it’s time to research.



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