Why a blog?

For weeks now I have been searching and praying to God….what is my purpose?  What is it that you want me to do?

A number of times in church my Pastor has challenged us to find our purpose, to pray to God, seek out what He wants, to BE STILL AND LISTEN!!!

I prayed a lot on this and on June 5, 2016, I am to write.  Help people understand this journey with cancer.   I am thinking all the time some good, bad, some pretty crazy thoughts!  Ask my husband, I can bring up three subjects in less than a minute!  Poor guy, I’m sure he would never want to be inside my head!

The day I decided to start my blog was my sister Kathy’s birthday.  She is gone now, died from cancer.I miss her and thought of her so much during my cloudy chemo days.  I know what she went through because I am living it.

I am sharing my story for my sisters and brothers with cancer and to write my experiences living with Stage IV for family, friends and whoever wanders to this blog to learn and understand.

I am new at this, so imagine me as an inexperienced driver shifting gears for the first time.  There will be uncertainty, burn outs, bumps in the road, screeches, anger and frustration (probably some swearing!) but also prayers, happiness and fulfillment.

Fasten your seat belt!

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